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Flavorful E-Liquid & Premium E-Juice for Sale

There’s nothing like vaping your favorite flavored e-juice, but what if you could combine flavors to create a one-of-a-kind vaping experience? At Kaleidoscope Vapor Lounge, Simply select from more than 52 flavors to do so. We also carry a plethora of premium lines including Naked 100, Jam Monster, The One, Rounds Something E-liquid, and many more.

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Flavor Pricing
Never worry about breaking the bank on custom e-liquid again! Here, you’ll find the best prices.

C01 A sweet candy flavor similar to fun dip.

C02 Blueberry cotton candy with a blackberry tang with marshmallows.

C03 Your favorite mouth watering green apple jolly rancher.

C04 Strawberry cotton candy right from the fair.

C05 Enticing blend of cotton candy, strawberry and pineapple.

C06 The perfect blend of peach, mango and gummy candy.

C07 A mix of ripe strawberries, cotton candy and rainbow candy.

C08 The ever-so-juicy watermelon jolly rancher.

C09 Your taste buds will be rolling for this take on the fruit roll up.

C10 Tantalizing mix of strawberry, candy watermelon with a touch of menthol.

The Fruits…
F01 The perfect blend of Sweet Fruit. Just like eating a starburst.

F02 A fruit explosion of dragonfruit, coconut, raspberry and ripe strawberry.

F03 A unique blend of peach, tangerine with a splash of juicy pineapple.

F04 Fresh wild blueberries with a kick of menthol on the exhale.

F05 A tantalizing blend of ripe strawberry, sweet raspberry and watermelon.

F06 A mix of juicy peach, green apple and ripe strawberry.

F07 The perfect blend of watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe.

F08 A delicious blend of every berry you can think of.

F09 A mystical blend of pear, peach and brown sugar.

F10 The perfect contrast of wild blueberries and pomagranate.

F11 The perfect blend of ripe strawberry, watermelon and coconut.

F12 A complex blend of sweet watermelon, grape candy and menthol.

Sweet Flavors…
S01 Fresh baked Key Lime pie right out of the oven.

S02 Sweet blueberry cupcake.

S03 Caramel apple pie with whipped cream.

S04 A Berry full of “Crunch”

S05 The perfect blend that will have you saying “Bam Bam”

S06 A remake of the popular Cinnamon Toast Crunch…

S07 The perfect blend of ripe strawberries and cream.

S08 A unique blend of strawberries, pineapple and coconut.

S09 A mix of strawberry, wild blueberry and sweet cream.

S10 A decadent blend of vanilla ice cream, banana and milk chocolate.

S11 A creamy vanilla custard topped with wild blueberries.

S12 A intriguing blend of greek yogurt and fresh blueberries.

T01 Menthol that will cool your throat.

T02 Just like the Marlboro.

T03 Asian style Ry4

T04 The perfect blend of tobacco and menthol flavoring.

T05 A sweet chocolate, vanilla custard and tobacco.

T06 Smooth maple rum tobacco.

T07 Intriguing blend of butterscotch, coconut, hazelnut, english toffee, vallin, bourban, ry4.

T08 The perfect combination of western tobacco and vanilla bean icecream.

D01 A blueberry Hawaiian drink known as Baja Blast.

D02 Your favorite blue energy drink.

D03 The dreamy blueberry, key-lime and grape.

D04 Citrus punch filled with fresh blueberries and coconut.

D05 A refreshing strawberry milkshake.

D06 Your favorite tropical drink.

D07 This is a retake on your favorite drive-in “Cherry Limeaide”.