Affordable Cutting Edge Technology
Stock up on your vaping needs without breaking the bank. Simply visit Kaleidoscope Vapor Lounges in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and also in Florence, Alabama. Supplying a vast variety of products from the Beginner Vaper, all the way up to the Advanced Cloud Chaser.

Mods, Tanks and more

We carry everything from Starter Kits to Your most advanced and up-to-date Mods , and everything in between! Whether you are just getting into vaping or looking for an upgrade, we have got you covered!


   Tank/Mod Accessories 

  • Vertex And Juul Charger
  • 18650, 20700 and 21700 Batteries
  • Pre-built coils & Kits
  • Battery Wraps
  • Drip Tips and device
  • Sleeves
  • Cotton bacon and Cotton Threads for RDA’s and other Rebuildables

all vaping devices use atomizers, which holds the wick and the coil. Our store carries an abundance of Tanks, so you can enjoy your nicotine without the high cost of traditional cigarettes. Prices vary from $20 to $40 depending on the atomizer.

We have many pre-built coil options for all RDAs we carry. They range from your basic Round Wire builds all the way up to Fused Alien Claptons, which provide the best vapor production!